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InstaLogo Logo Creator v2.2 Apk

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InstaLogo Logo Creator v2.2 Apk

InstaLogo turns your Android and iOS devices into a professional logo maker. In minutes, you can design a logo, poster, flyer, invitation card, brochure, badge, icon, symbol, label, banner, monogram, presentation and more to your business. With the huge amount of artworks and typography fonts in the app, the possible combinations are limitless.

  • Choose from a massive library of logos
  • Import your photos or any graphic design from your Photo Library
  • More than 270+ handpicked Latin and non-Latin fonts, or import your own
  • Pinch, drag and spin your logo elements to change size and perspective
  • Change the gradient and color of your logos, text and background
  • Add professional-grade shadows
  • Use grid lines to align everything perfectly
  • Move elements by the degree, for super accurate results
  • Undo and redo every step
  • Erase any part of your logo, or the whole thing, easily
  • Move things around with the lasso tool
  • Save and share your logos as a PNG or JPEG image, or as a PDF
  • Save with a transparent background, perfect for everyday use
  • Upload your images to Dropbox, Evernote and Box, so they’re safe and shareable
  • Share your logos by email or upload them directly to Facebook

InstaLogo Logo Creator v2.2 Apk

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