LTE Discovery Premium v4.12 Apk

LTE Discovery Premium v4.12 Apk

LTE Discovery is a powerful signal discovery and analysis tool with many advanced features and customizations available. If you like this app, please support us by rating it 5 stars and helping with a +1, or let us know how we can improve the app. We are always working and striving to improve the app.

By resetting the mobile connection, you can fix many common network related issues like: continuous low signal, data disconnection, poor call quality, signal instability, and more. You could also fix these issues by restart/reboot your phone, or you could just let LTE Discovery reset your radios in a few seconds. But, better signal quality is not a guarantee, especially if you are in a carrier zone with little coverage.

Main Features:

  • Identifies LTE band for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and several other countries (support for more carriers added with the crowdsource feature and user aid)
  • Identifies EARFCN and Band for any country/provider when using a Qualcomm processor and ROOTED
  • Live band identifier and signal data in the notification bar
  • Refresh cell radio (reset data connection) to connect to best signal available* (Note: Google added restrictions in Lollipop and above, so it may require root or be unavailable)
  • Automatic refreshing of mobile radio for different conditions
  • Alert notification for LTE bands and GCIs (connected and disconnected)
  • Save LTE logs
  • Automated visual logger (Sprint + Pro only)
  • EARFCN band calculator (range and precise UL and DL frequencies) (Pro)
  • Wide range of settings to customize your experience (Pro)
  • Advanced LTE, 4G, 3G, GSM, CDMA data (GCI, PCI, TAC, RSRP, RSRQ, band, EARFCN, frequency)

LTE Discovery Premium v4.12 Apk

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