LayerPaint HD v1.7.17 Apk

LayerPaint HD v1.7.17 Apk

Pen Pressure Support (Enable from settings. Open/Save. PSD Import/Export. Foreground color brush, Transparent color brush. Add Palette, Remove Palette.

  • Add Layer, Remove Layer, Clipping Layer, Lock Alpha
  • Layer Mode (Normal, Add/Emit, Multiply, Overlay, Screen, Lighten, Darken, Difference, Dodge, Burn)
  • Selection Tool (Rectangle, Lasso, Free Transform)
  • Bucket Tool (Auto Expand (0, 1, 2 pixel), Enable/Disable AntiAliasing)
  • Filter (Hue, Gaussian Blur, Mosaic, Monochrome, Extracting Lines)
  • Navigator
  • Eraser, Move Tool, Fill Rectangle, Gradient

LayerPaint HD v1.7.17 Apk

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