Best Tuner v3.6 Adfree Apk

Best Tuner v3.6 Adfree Apk

The algorithm in tuner has been adapted to recognize sounds of instrument most effectively. To get the best result of automatic tuning, play the sound few times.

  • Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your guitar or other music instrument
  • Designed and tested by professional musicians
  • Perfect both for professionals and amateurs
  • Three modes: Auto, Sound and Play
  • Auto- automatic tuning – examined frequency of the signal is interpreted to the next clear sound of the specific frequencies of pure sound,
  • Sound- sound tuning – select a specific sound that will be tuned,
  • Play- generate the sound based on the particular frequency.
  • recordings of real sounds of guitar,
  • the ability to set different sound names: American, European and solmization,
  • sets of strings characteristic for different types of guitars,
  • the ability to set the frequency of sound a in Hz,
  • the ability to determine the deviation from the base frequency in cents.

Best Tuner v3.6 Adfree Apk

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