AnyMote Universal Remote WiFi v4.5.1 Apk

AnyMote Universal Remote WiFi v4.5.1 Apk

AnyMote Smart IR Remote Control is the only infrared Universal Remote Control for TVs and other Home Electronics you’ll ever need. Samsung TVs, LG, DirecTV, projectors, a/v systems, set top boxes they’re all supported. It’s a TV remote on steroids, with the power to control anything IR-enabled.

LG G2, LG G3 A, LG L90, and LG G-Pad, as well as Sony phones are not supported due to limitations by LG and Sony.

Not compatible with Huawei, Xiaomi or Sony phones. Of all phones/tablets by LG, only compatible with the G3 (still in Beta, sending only, not recording).

  • customize remote by re-arranging buttons, changing colors, positions, text, icons & more.
  • create macros to execute multiple commands on a single touch.
  • use automated tasks to execute commands without interaction (like Mute on Call).
  • Tasker integration.
  • voice commands through Google Now.
  • floating remotes for access even while using other apps.
  • air gestures (limited to Galaxy S4).
  • no ADS at all..
  • add one remote, use it for as long as you want.

AnyMote Universal Remote WiFi v4.5.1 Apk

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