Amazing MP3 Recorder v0.10.29 Unlock Apk

Amazing MP3 Recorder v0.10.29 Unlock Apk

Voice Recorder. Lecture / Field Recorder. Effects (monitor in earphones. Voice Changer (real-time Cosplay. Call Recorder (Samsung, Nexus – use Menu – Contact Us).

  • Background recording
  • Record with Power button (while screen locked!)
  • Tested 100+ hour continuous
  • Talk Back/blind user friendly
  • Tasker and NFC button support
  • MP3, Themes, Voice Changer, Call Recorder
  • Call Recorder (manual incoming/outgoing, auto incoming), WAV/OGG, Field Recorder
  • Buttons
  • Widgets
  • Instant Record, Record Stop launchers
  • Notification Always On button (turn On)
  • Volume (up/down/down-long-press)
  • Headset (click/double-click/long-press)
  • Power button (3+ clicks) Record/Stop, or Record/Pause/Stop (choose in Settings – Record Controls)
  • Proximity sensor (Ear Detect) bring to ear / flip phone on table
  • speak Ok Google open Instant Record to record
  • Flat/Daily Folders
  • custom Recordings/Cloud/Call folders
  • move to Trash/Favorite/Cloud sub-folders (organize recordings)
  • Recordings/Cloud/Call folder buttons!
  • Sync folders to cloud
  • easy Play last recording
  • Share Skype, Email, Whats App

Amazing MP3 Recorder v0.10.29 Unlock Apk

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