Micro Guard Blocker v2.0 Apk

Micro Guard Blocker v2.0 Apk

ProtectStar’s Micro Guard makes sure that no hacker, spy or malware can listen on you. With just one single click the integrated microphone of your Android smartphone will be completely protected.

With only one click the protection is activated and Micro Guard blocks and observes all programs and processes that try to access the microhpone of your smartphone. Every attempted security breach will be reported with a signal.

Deep Detective permanently controls which process or app currently attempt to access the microphone. Additionally it reports known and thanks to modern heuristic methods also unknown attack attempts.

Micro Guard can, especially with activated Deep Detective, be used ideally in combination with other existing security solutions like anti-virus scanners or firewalls. And it works perfectly together with ProtectStar’s Camera Guard for Android that blocks also the integrated camera of your device.

Micro Guard Blocker v2.0 Apk

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