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3D Charts v5.0 Apk

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3D Charts v5.0 Apk

Create astonishingly good looking 3D Charts within seconds. Visualize and share data instantly. All charts are highly customizable, set your own colors load photos logos as background and save the graph as image rendered in 3D to Android’s camera roll or gallery.

Export as high quality PNG file with transparency. You could use that image as attachment or upload it. It’s great for mobile blogging and for social sites boost your data analysis.

This app is the enhancement for your mobile office and reporting on the move. Also it’s beloved for monitoring blood pressure over time recording body weight, mileage and electricity consumption the isometric 3D projection makes data comparison easy and is very eye-catching.

Scaling font size bold number precision can be set. 3D-2D aspect ratio and width / height slider. Just remember your mobile device features high resolution DPI dots per inch screen compared to a desktop monitor. This means Chart images will look way bigger on PCs.

3D Charts v5.0 Apk

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