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ReCam v1.8 Apk

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ReCam v1.8 Apk

ReCam is designed to give you the ability to record Video with or without Audio or just plain Audio. You can set recording jobs to repeat weekly so you only have to configure it once.

ReCam records quietly so you can use your phone while it is recording. In addition, your mobile device does not need to be awake for recording jobs to execute. In other words, the screen does not need to be on. Just create a recording job and place device with camera pointing in direction desired and that’s it.

ReCam was designed to protect yourself and your property. This application is not meant to be used to invade anyone’s privacy or to be used for any other nefarious purposes. You agree to use this application responsibly and for personal use only.

ReCam v1.8 Apk

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