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Address Book v5.0 Apk

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Address Book v5.0 Apk

You can import all of the contacts stored on you device and additional information that you define. You can add custom fields to contacts, address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Define your own custom fields: Custom fields can be added to contacts, Name -Surname addresses, phone numbers, amd email addresses.

  • Unlimited Storage Space within the App.
  • Fields :- Name – Surname, Address, City, State, Zip / Postal Code, Phone, Email..
  • Clear List.
  • Hide Keyboard.
  • Edit Contact.
  • Save Existing.
  • Update From Previously Saved.
  • Delete or Remove from List.
  • View Edit List.
  • This is a easy to use app, Simply enter all the empty feilds and hit the save button if rquired to update the same contact then edit from list and just hit the update Button.

Address Book v5.0 Apk

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