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Network Utilities v7.6.1 Apk

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Network Utilities v7.6.1 Apk

As you can see, the app includes not only common and always necessary tools, but also the means to work with the network traffic at a low level. In addition to ordinary tasks, such as checking the availability of the host or trace route, the program will allow to solve unusual problems, and even simulate the individual network utilities, if necessary.

You may to configure custom Ethernet packet and send it. Immediately to see network packets at selected network interface by using a sniffer.. Network Utilities makes it possible, without letting go of your smartphone or tablet from hands. Built-in traffic analyzer makes it possible not only to view the dumps of network packets in real time, but also save/open the pcap files.

  • IP discover (supports 2 modes of working).
  • Subnet scanner (scanner with chan.geable address range).
  • Ping.
  • Traceroute.
  • Port scanner (supports 7 methods of scanning).
  • Netstat (monitoring of connections).
  • IP calculator.
  • DNS lookup.

Network Utilities v7.6.1 Apk

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