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Home Remedies v1.5 Apk

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Home Remedies v1.5 Apk

Natural home remedies are safe and useful for the common ailments. Most of the non life threatening illness can be treated at home. Learn how you can use natural cures to replace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs in the treatment of common ailments.

If you use home remedies wisely, it will save your time and money. Hope this app helps you to find your own path of healing through natural remedies.

  • Made up from herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Simple to prepare, pure and no side effects on body.
  • Can cure 100’s of ailments, like Acne, Hair loss, Backache.
  • Effective to boost your child’s immunity.
  • Help to recover fast in seniors.
  • Inexpensive and joy of self cure.

Home Remedies v1.5 Apk

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