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Battery Care v1.3 Apk

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Battery Care v1.3 Apk

The Main features of this battery care includes power saving mode, fast charging, trickle charger, cpu cooler, battery cooler, battery booster etc. Never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again. Battery care can be simply used as an unique battery booster app to save more battery juice.

Battery Care uses the concept Trickle charger, which will help you fully control the power of your device along with speed charging/fast charging and therefore battery care will be the one of the best Battery Saver 2017 apps.

Battery Care’s Battery Save Feature will detect what’s draining your power and dynamically optimise your power-consumption settings (e.g. unnecessary backend process kills/brightness and disable unnecessary apps/tasks that run down your battery.

Battery Care v1.3 Apk

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