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SIM change alert v2.0 Apk

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SIM change alert v2.0 Apk

SIM change alert makes the phone useless to the thief even after he removes the battery and restarts the device the alarm will continue to ring unless the right password is entered.

SIM change notification will send details of the newly entered SIM to the owner using SMS and e-mail.

  • SMS is sent using the new SIM card.
  • E-mail is sent to all emergency address.
  • Device current location on google maps.
  • Phone number of the new sim entered.
  • You can setup PIN or pattern password.
  • Enable or disable SIM change notification uninstall.
  • Setup password and add three mobile numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Test the app so that the permissions are setup successfully.
  • Save the details and SIM change alert app shall protect your phone.

SIM change alert v2.0 Apk

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