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Anti-Theft Alarm v1.7 Apk

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Anti-Theft Alarm v1.7 Apk

Anti-Theft protects your phone battery by preventing it from over charging (i.e. when you leave the charger connected to the phone all night for charging) and therefore extending the life span of the battery.

At work you may place the phone on your laptop and if someone tries to peek into your laptop, then if they move your phone, immediately an alarm will scare them away.

  • An app notification is displayed to the user when charger is connected.
  • It makes the phone useless to the thief even if he restarts the phone.
  • Password Protection(Pattern/PIN).
  • Loud alarm even if the phone is in silent mode.
  • Choice of alarm sounds.
  • Phone vibrates and screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarm is triggered.

Anti-Theft Alarm v1.7 Apk

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