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AutoVera v1.0.16 Apk

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AutoVera v1.0.16 Apk

It allows you to make your home react to anything that happens on your Android device, like opening your blinds in the morning when your alarm goes off, and to anything that your android device can detect, like if you flip your phone, you can flip out a light.

It also allows you to react to anything that happens in your home in real time. For example, you can sound an alarm on your phone when a motion detector is tripped.

You can even get the status or any other relevant information on your home automation devices and use it wherever and however you like. You can show the status of your devices on your Pebble or on your TV for example (with AutoCast)

With AutoVera you can control any Z-Wave devices through a Vera Gateway. With the Power of Tasker you can totally personalize how you do this, and really make home automation your own personal experience.

AutoVera v1.0.16 Apk

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