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AutoAlarm v1.0.25 Apk

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AutoAlarm v1.0.25 Apk

You could make a pre-alarm task like the very cool one Andreas odegard describes in his SLEEP MODE . He uses it to create his own personal sunrise by making his room light up gradually before the actual alarm fires.

To get started check out the video. You’ll see how to quickly setup AutoAlarm. The video shows how you can see the amount of hours remaining till the next alarm, but you can use any other Tasker action with the alarm info. Here are the variables you can use with AutoAlarm:

  • %day%
  • %month%
  • %year%
  • %hour%
  • %minute%
  • %second%
  • %milis%
  • %seconds%
  • %minutes%
  • %hours%
  • secondsc%
  • %minutesc%
  • %hours%
  • %daysc%

AutoAlarm v1.0.25 Apk

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