Circuit Solver v4.30 Apk

Circuit Solver v4.30 Apk

It was about the  experience, the learning, and the the journey itself. I put together this application to package my knowledge in Electrical Engineering to some day help another student have an easier time in their scholastic pursuits and in turn teach them about circuits.

Circuit Solver is far from perfect and there are lots of things that could be optimized. It will however, simulate a majority of linear Circuits and a decent amount of smaller scale Non-Linear Circuits. If this app helps you in any way, i’d appreciate you spreading  the word to help support my efforts.


To simulate the circuits, a matrix is defined based on all the components inside the circuit. The application solves the circuit using matrix manipulations such as LU-Decomposition and matrix inversion. DC Analysis is completed by writing a series of nodal equations. The equations are solved simultaneously to obtain a unique solution.

In transient simulation we use numerical integration to determine the response of RLC  circuits. Numerical integration allows for one to solve for discrete moments of time and  in effect integrate their response. This application only supports the Trapezoidal method.

Circuit Solver v4.30 Apk

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