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Smart Driver v1.5.7.7946 Apk

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Smart Driver v1.5.7.7946 Apk

If your speed when approaching a dangerous site will be higher the resolution, the application will apply the warning sounds. This is important because Now the penalty for excess to 20 km / h has already begun with 500 rubles. Download the app today and save on penalties today.

You no longer need a separate video recorder to reduce the risk of misconduct on the part of other drivers and traffic police. You no longer need a radar detector. With the app SmartDriver it all in your phone or tablet.

SmartDriver can run in the background you can use it in conjunction with the navigator. Warnings about the dangers will be displayed with the help of voice and visual notifications poskazok and video recording with sound will work in the background without interfering with other applications.

Smart Driver v1.5.7.7946 Apk

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