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ThinkFree Mobile v7.0.170125 Apk

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ThinkFree Mobile v7.0.170125 Apk

Optimized file management and UX make it easy to perform common tasks such as multi-selection, open, rename, search, copy, delete, and send. Quick and easy access to the recent files list enables you to find recently edited documents conveniently.

Documents can be uploaded or downloaded via web storage service such as ThinkFree Online. In the future, various cloud services will also be linked through the Cloud Connector Service for synchronizing content on various devices and platforms.

  • Fast to open and scroll.
  • Mobile-friendly editing menu.
  • Insert various objects (Support to insert video clip).
  • High rendering quality and compatibility.
  • Add annotation, memo and highlight on PDF file.
  • Optimized file management on mobile devices.
  • New documents with templates.
  • Online storage service.
  • Template download.

ThinkFree Mobile v7.0.170125 Apk

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