Atlas Web Browser Plus v2.0.1.0 Apk

Atlas Web Browser Plus v2.0.1.0 Apk

Atlas Web Browser Plus v2.0.1.0 Apk

Atlas is a web browser that lets you take total control of your mobile web browsing experience.

Use Ad Block Plus filters to remove web annoyances, advertising, and tracking. Filtering reduces data usage and dramatically improves performance and battery life when browsing.

Use the Control Pane slide-out to control site behavior: quickly toggle between desktop and mobile views. Switch between “HIFI” (full) and “LO-FI” (JavaScript-free) browsing experiences.

Optional Plus add-on lets you save content filtering, experience, desktop/mobile settings and more on a per-website basis.

Free, Ad-free, and Invasion-of-privacy-free: NextApp will make money only on the optional paid add-on. Atlas DOES NOT collect information on your browsing habits or attempt to direct you to partner sites.

By removing undesired content and letting you take complete control over your web experience, Atlas uses less data, lowering CPU usage and preserving battery life. Sites load more quickly as large amounts of often poorly-written and inefficient JavaScript code related to advertising and tracking can be discarded.

Sandboxed Private Browsing: Private browsing runs in a separate process without any access to your cookies. This prevents the cookie leakage into private sessions that is common among other third-party browsers under Android KitKat.

Support for more than four tabs open at a time.

Dual-View mode to view two web sites at the same time.

The ability to remember your preferences on a per-site basis, such that specific web sites are retrieved in desktop/mobile modes or with or without content filtering enabled.

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