ActionDirector Video Editor v1.2.0 APK

ActionDirector Video Editor v1.2.0 APK is an amazing application for Android.Mix in your own background music and create your own viral video, ready to share on your favorite social networks or messaging apps.

Edit Full HD video action footage on your mobile device just like you edit videos on a desktop. Adding awesome action effects to your clips is the best way to highlight the key moments, and with ActionDirector it is super simple. Turn a scene into a smooth slow-mo or speed it up to increase the excitement with the speed slider. You can also add slick repeat and rewind video effects to parts of your clip to create the ultimate action video.

  • Capture video Record video with ActionDirector and begin editing right away.
  • Edit & adjust Trim video and effortlessly apply brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments.
  • Highlight the action Slow down or speed up video segments with precision, as well as highlight sections of video to replay or rewind.
  • Add titles and text Bookend video with intro and outro clips, or overlay text onto video footage.
  • Mix in music Add and mix background music into a video’s audio soundtrack.
  • Produce and share Upload and share Full HD video via social networks or messaging apps.

ActionDirector Video Editor v1.2.0 APK

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