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Geology Toolkit Premium v2.1.3 Apk

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Geology Toolkit Premium v2.1.3 Apk

Geology Toolkit is a complete android application which allows geologists to examine and explore minerals and rocks features under microscope or hand-specimen properties.

Geology Toolkit makes mineralogy and petrology to be easier to examine a thin section and to understand the characteristic properties for each mineral/rock without a petrographic microscope, which is known to be very expensive. It is mainly addressed to geo science students / geologists as a guide in individual or supervised laboratory work.

  • 43 most common minerals in thin section (transmited and reflected light)
  • IdentifyMin under microscope┬áis an algorithm for a fast and logical identification of minerals in thin sections
  • Hand-specimen photographs (at high resolution) of 43 most common minerals with panzoom functionality
  • Swipeable gallery with pictures of minerals and rocks thin sections under microsope
  • Mineral Classification of over 200 common mineral species
  • Search in 5125 Mineral species
  • Searchable Mohs Hardness Scale for over 80 common mineral species
  • Gemstones section offer informations about gemstones, jewelry and precious metals
  • IdentifyMin (Hand-Specimen)’ can be used to easily identify hand-specimen minerals

Geology Toolkit Premium v2.1.3 Apk

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