App Manager v3.01 Mod Apk

App Manager v3.01 Mod Apk

App Manager v3.01 Mod Apk Easiest uninstaller single click on an app to uninstall it

  • Batch operations of apps : uninstallation, share, disable/enable, Re-install, manage, open in Play-Store or Amazon-AppStore.
  • APK files management
  • Removed Apps history viewer
  • Customizable Widgets, for uninstalling the recently installed app or clearing its internal/external data
  • Normal/ROOT uninstallation of apps . Using ROOT, it’s much easier and faster
  • Shows all kinds of apps, and not just those that you can launch.
  • For example: widgets, live wallpapers, keyboards, launchers, plugins,…
  • Auto-handling of apps that have admin privileges, allowing you to revoke them and uninstall the apps
  • Auto add shortcuts to newly installed apps, no matter how you’ve installed them

App Manager v3.01 Mod

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