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Barcode Scanner+ Plus v1.12.3 Apk

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Barcode Scanner+ Plus v1.12.3 Apk

Barcode Scanner+ Plus v1.12.3 Apk Barcode Scanner+ is an enhanced version of the popular, free Barcode Scanner application, which is a product of the ZXing open-source barcode scanning library from Google.

Now scan in tall “portrait” orientation, in addition to “landscape” orientation

More intuitive pattern-based scanning guide

Streamlined and improved user interface elements

Android 4 and tablet device support

Expanded Help screens

Decode a barcode from an image file

Option to scan light-on-dark barcodes

Activate device’s LED light to scan in low light

Basic support for scanning NFC tags

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Barcode Scanner+ Plus v1.12.3 Apk

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