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Easy Text To Speech Pro v5.0 Apk

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Easy Text To Speech Pro v5.0 Apk

Automatically speaks the Clipboard, Shared Links and Web Pages. Copy text from any Android application or Web Browser and hear it instantly spoken back to you. No need to switch applications and no extra clicks.

Integrated Web Page and News Article Reader, Clipboard Manager database storage and many highly productive useful flexible features (see list below) with ongoing user support and development.

Great for anyone who requires such Accessibility support or who dislikes reading large chunks of text on small devices. Save straining your eyes and just listen to your device speaking / talking whilst allowing you to get on with something more productive.

  • Type and Speak it. Reads and speaks aloud anything you type or edit.
  • Loop mode of selected text activated by a Long Click of the Play button. Large text display support to aid visually impaired users.
  • Speak and follow by Sentence, Word, Letter by Letter (and pronounce), NATO (Alpha Delta Foxtrot etc.) and Morse Code (Dit Dit Dah).
  • Incoming SMS Text reader and Caller Id Name reader to speech (simple implementation).
  • Accessibility, Dyslexia Assistive Technology or educational reading aid, correct pronunciation tool. Background processing.

Easy Text To Speech Pro v5.0 Apk

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