1A Unit Converter pro v1.0.3 Android

1A Unit Converter pro v1.0.3 Android

With the 1A Unit Converter pro you enjoy a completely ad-free version of the app and support the further development of this project.

Categories can be marked as favorites and are thereafter available in the favorites view. There you will find only the categories that you really want to see.

By using a category list, a quick access to any category is possible. Furthermore categories and units may also be searched directly via text input.

The calculation of the results is performed simultaneously when entering the values. An annoying pressing of a Calculate button or switching to a different view is not necessary. You immediately see a list of all the results for all units.

The result of a conversion can easily be copied to the clipboard and then used in other programs. By long pressing on the input field a value can be pasted from the clipboard.

1A Unit Converter pro v1.0.3 Android

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