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NoteLedge Premium v1.4.1 Android

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NoteLedge Premium v1.4.1 Android

NoteLedge is a versatile note-taking application that simultaneously supports handwriting, typing, sketching, inserting photos, audio and video recording.

It is an ideal tool for you to record your life by keeping a diary, jotting down ideas, taking notes, composing travel journals, scheduling weekly plans…and anything you could think of.

  • A full set of styli including a pencil, a crayon, and three types of brushes
  • Stylish handwriting with adjustable colors, opacity and sizes
  • Move able text boxes
  • Insert photos from your album or camera
  • Take notes and record audio simultaneously
  • Add multiple video/audio recordings to enrich the contents
  • Export audio recordings as WMV files to your device

NoteLedge Premium v1.4.1 Android

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