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PDF and DJVU Reader v4.0 Android

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PDF and DJVU Reader v4.0 Android

Unleash whole power of your device with hardware-accelerated OpenGL rendering, including Olen GL ES 2.0 and 3.0 optimizations for improved speed and smoothness of reading.

You need work with 2, 3 or even more documents at the same time no problem. Our software supports multiple documents with instant switching between them. Amount of documents depend of available RAM.

  • Various viewing modes including single page and horizontal scroll ones.
  • Auto-scanning device storage and removable media.
  • Search for books and search inside books (including DjVU).
  • Night mode for comfortable text reading.
  • Auto-splitting double-page spreads in two separate pages (including right-to-left scans).
  • Cropping – no more wasting of your screen space.
  • Automatic and manual cropping modes available.
  • Bookmarking with custom titles.
  • Tree-like outline.
  • Home screen widget for your recent books.
  • Real full screen for Android 4.4

PDF and DJVU Reader v4.0 Android

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