Planet Sunshine World Clock v1.25 Android

Planet Sunshine World Clock v1.25 Android

We live in a globalised world for a long while already. We have company offices and business partners in other countries and locations. Our friends and families are living or travelling faraway from us, often to different continents.

  • Supports practically unlimited number of clock widgets, each with its separate settings
  • An extensive list of cities worldwide (all cities in the world with population >200,000 and a bit more on top)
  • Exact sunrise/sunset times, specific for each widget’s city location
  • Smoothly changing colours during actual dawn and dusk periods at each widget’s city location, mimicking the sky colours
  • Highly customisable looks, free of tasteless gimicks, capable of appearing elegant and simple
  • Furnished with a number of predefined appearance themes, and with plenty of space for user defined themes
  • Easy on the battery

Planet Sunshine World Clock v1.25 Android

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