Phrasebook PRO v1.79 Android

Phrasebook PRO v1.79 Android

With PhraseBox PRO you can communicate confidently with locals abroad, use any kind of transportation, rent a car, order a meal at a restaurant or cafe, book hotel rooms, meet new people, ask for help, call a doctor, do great shopping and many other things.

Each phrase of PhraseBox PRO is translated and dubbed by native speakers. Perfectly dubbed audio tracks PhraseBox PRO will allow you to communicate with local residents even without any foreign language skills, and also help you out of any life situations abroad.

  • Basics phrases (Greetings, Saying goodbye, Meeting, Questions,Wishes, Emergency cases, Dating)
  • Traveling (Customs / Border, Traveling by train, At the car rental company, Camping)
  • How to get… (City transport, On the street)
  • Hotel/Hostel
  • Restaurant/Café
  • Food/Drinks
  • Shopping (Shopping center, Supermarket)
  • Money (Bank/Exchange office, Currency)
  • Leisure (Sightseeing, Entertainment/Sports, On the beach)
  • Health
  • Communication facilities
  • Calendar (Dates, Time, Numbers, Weather)
  • Hairdresser’s/Beauty salon
  • Service (Laundry/Dry cleaners, Repairs)

Phrasebook PRO v1.79 Android

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