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Siftr Magic Cleaner v2.1.0 Android

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Siftr Magic Cleaner v2.1.0 Android

Invite him into your phone and watch as he finds all those junk photos piling up and taking up space in your phone. He knows what’s important to you and what’s trash. He’ll smartly separate the two so you can simply remove all the junk in just one tap.

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to analyze all your photos. So instead of spending hours and hours deleting this junk manually, you can now leave this job to Doctor Kleen, and go out and do something more interesting and meaningful in life.

For the curious souls, Doctor Kleen makes use of the most advanced cutting technologies (deep learning and neural networks) to identify the junk photos in your WhatsApp.

Siftr Magic Cleaner v2.1.0 Android

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