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D-Vasive Anti-Spy v4.0.92 Android

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D-Vasive Anti-Spy v4.0.92 Android

Stop apps from spying on you. D-Vasive alerts you when your camera, microphone, bluetooth, and WiFi are activated AND allows you lock your hardware so invasive apps won’t be able to spy on you.

D-Vasive will help protect your privacy from invasive apps by alerting you when an application is trying to spy on you using your phone’s camera, microphone, Bluetooth or WiFi connections. D-Vasive also lists running and installed apps that have access to tracking your location. D-Vasive also allows you to lock down your device’s hardware to prevent other apps from accessing your hardware without your knowledge.

  • Secure Camera
  • Secure Microphone
  • Secure Bluetooth
  • Secure WiFi
  • Smart Sense
  • List Installed Tracking Apps
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Multiple Alert Modes

D-Vasive Anti-Spy v4.0.92 Android

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