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SameSame Visual Translator v1.0.1 Android

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SameSame Visual Translator v1.0.1 Android

You visit a country which you don’t speak the language? You like traveling but fear of not being understood? SameSame assists you in any situation, even in emergency case.

The app allows you to find a picture, to translate the corresponding word, and event to pronounce it! Thus, you are sure your interlocutor will understand it, no matter his age, his origins or his education.

A picture is worth a thousand words: unlike a single translation, a picture allows you to be sure of what you show to your interlocutor.

  • More than 500 pictures at your disposal
  • Works 100% off line
  • Translation in more than 100 languages*
  • Pronounciation in 30 languages*
  • Keywords research
  • Category research
  • Drawing option
  • Special “Emergency” category

SameSame Visual Translator v1.0.1 Android

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