Hidden Camera Candid Camera v3.15 Apk

Hidden Camera Candid Camera v3.15 Apk The app name is notepad after installed, this will help you to hide the purpose of this app. If you input a wrong password it will open a fake notepad app.

Key features:

  • Press the volume up/down (+/-) button, or touch the screen, it will take picture or start/stop taking video.
  • Support gesture, you can use gesture to change the fake preview background or the transparency of the fake preview, very handy.
  • Continuous shot automatically, you do not need to press anything, just hold the phone and it will take picture automatically.
  • Multiple fake preview style. Easy changed transparent screen. It just turn your phone to a hidden camera.
  • No one will notice you are using camera.
  • High resolution video support.
  • Autohide picture into magic files. Turn your camera be a private camera.
  • Password protection for the app.
  • Very great full way to hide the picture into magic file.

Hidden Camera Candid Camera v3.15 Apk

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