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Soviet Military Maps Pro v4.2.1 Apk

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Soviet Military Maps Pro v4.2.1 Apk

Soviet Military Maps Pro v4.2.1 Apk Offroad/Offline Navigation App with worldwide topographic maps (mainly Russian General Staff). For many countries in Africa and Asia these maps still belong to the best available topomaps.

Key features:

  • Topo maps worldwide (100K-200K worldwide seamless coverage)
  • Google Maps (Satellite images, Road- and Terrain-Map)
  • Open Street Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Hill shading Overlay Layer  This app gives you similar mapping options as you might know from Garmin
  • Bulk-download of map tiles for OFFLINE USAGE (not for Google maps)
  • Create and edit Waypoints
  • Create and navigate Routes
  • GoTo-Way point-Navigation
  • Track Recording (with speed and elevation profile)
  • Trip master with fields for odometer, average speed, bearing, elevation, etc.
  • GPX-Import / Export, KML-Export
  • Search
  • Customizable data fields in Map View and Tripmaster (e.g. Speed, Distance, Compass, …)
  • Way point-/Track-Sharing (via eMail, Facebook, ..)

Soviet Military Maps Pro v4.2.1 Apk

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