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SuperRetro16 SNES Emulator v1.6.14 Apk

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SuperRetro16 SNES Emulator v1.6.14 Apk

SuperRetro16 SNES Emulator v1.6.14 Apk The premier Super Nintendo emulator! Developed from the ground up to deliver the fastest play possible. Easily locate and play your favorite titles by scanning your phone, viewing your list of installed ROMs complete with cover art.

Key features:

  • Fastest emulation, best game compatibility
  • Ultra-fast SuperFX core support for playing StarFox & Yoshi’s Island
  • SA1 chip support for Mario RPG, Kirby, and more
  • Network multiplayer using WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Slick user interface
  • On-screen multitouch controls with optional rumble feedback
  • Advanced layout editor for on-screen controls
  • Custom screen size and orientation
  • Auto-detects games and displays cover art
  • Custom control mapping
  • Save games with screen shot

SuperRetro16 SNES Emulator v1.6.14 Apk

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