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Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.13.0 Apk

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Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.13.0 Apk

Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.13.0 Apk The all-new Business Calendar has been designed and optimized for functionality, efficiency and solid synchronization. The new, beautiful interface gives you a better overview, lets you add events faster and keep on top of your busy schedule

Key features:

  • new day view with weather and integrated tasks
  • quick day view to peek at your events from the month view
  • a widget generator with plenty of options
  • year, month, week, day or agenda: each purposefully optimized
  • switch quickly between simple bars or detailed text
  • new live search feature
  • heat map in the year view Fill the blanks: Scan for free spots
  • show and hide calendars with the Favorite Bar
  • finetune your view with simple gestures, zoom in or see multiple days
  • move multiple events out of the way with a quick drag

Business Calendar 2 Pro v2.13.0 Apk

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