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Turbo Download Manager Full v4.20 Apk

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Turbo Download Manager Full v4.20 Apk

Turbo Download Manager Full v4.20 Apk TDM makes use of multiple HTTP connections to download files to your phone. You can enable Download Acceleration by increasing the number of Maximum Connections per Download and you can further optimize your download speed by modifying the Buffer Size

Key features:

  • Download Acceleration
  • Unlimited file size downloads
  • Web Browser support (Dolphin, Firefox, etc)
  • Queue/Pause/Resume/Recover Multiple
  • Parallel downloads Utilize
  • Maximum number of open connections
  • Up to 10 Parallel Streams Per
  • Download Buffer size optimization Configurable
  • Download directory
  • Add Url links Start/Pause Queue Normal/Turbo Mode option
  • Work in the background Auto-rename files
  • Notifications (Visual/Sound)
  • Thumbnails for Movies and Photos
  • Single/Multiple Notifications
  • Download history

Turbo Download Manager Full v4.20 Apk

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