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SMS Tool Pro v1.1 Apk

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SMS Tool Pro v1.1 Apk

SMS Tool Pro v1.1 Apk SMS Tool Pro version is a powerful app that can easily Send, Forward and Schedule SMS by many parameterized types.

Key features:

  • Send SMS message without characters limit
  • 5 seconds to cancel SMS after sent (for unfinished messages sent accidentally, for example)
  • Forward SMS from any number(s) to any number(s)
  • Forward SMS by any word filter to any number(s)
  • Enable or disable Forward by filter
  • Schedule SMS in specific date time
  • Create repeat rules for automatic Schedule like a end date time or occurrence number
  • History of Schedule sent messages
  • Statistics for Forwarded and Scheduled messages.

SMS Tool Pro v1.1 Apk

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