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Motion Detector v3.4.3 Apk

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Motion Detector v3.4.3 Apk

Motion Detector v3.4.3 Apk Program uses device’s built-in camera so effects can be unsatisfying, reaction time depends on device performance and frame size, maximum and minimum size of recorded frames depends on the device.

Key features:

  • save images captured when motion is detected
  • upload captured images to FTP server
  • post images on HTTP server (for advanced users, will require script that will receive image from app)
  • send an EMAIL with captured image
  • sound when motion is detected
  • select which camera to use, front or rear
  • adjustable detector sensitivity and resolution
  • change image resolution recorded by detector
  • set active zone, motion will be detected only within the zone
  • adjust exposure compensation and exposure lock, not all devices support these feature
  • can work when screen is switched off, at least it should
  • event counter, log
  • profiles for settings
  • change image destination folder
  • send notifications to other applications such as for example Tasker, when it detects movement
  • control detector by other applications such as for example Tasker or Automagic
  • ability to control detector by Broadcast Intent

Motion Detector v3.4.3 Apk

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