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GoodReader v2.8.1 Paid Apk

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GoodReader v2.8.1 Paid Apk

GoodReader v2.8.1 Paid Apk To assist reading in a foreign language, use GoodReader’s dictionary integration to look up words or phrases. You can choose from a wide selection of external dictionaries. 

GoodReader supports synchronization of your library and/or reading positions with the Good Reader book network , a Google Drive based cloud service. Synchronization is disabled by default; to enable and configure it, use the preferences dialogue.

GoodReader is fast and highly customizable it can use external True Type/Open Type fonts and custom backgrounds, the screen brightness can be adjusted while reading (slide finger up/down along the left screen edge), and different day/night color schemes can be selected.

GoodReader v2.8.1 Paid Apk

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