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SMSToExcel Pro v1.2.9 Apk

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SMSToExcel Pro v1.2.9 Apk

SMSToExcel Pro v1.2.9 Apk is a simple way to backup and restore your phone’s text messages. you can view your text messages in any Excel-compatible application, such as Office Suite, Quick Office or King soft Office on the phone/tablet

Key features:

  • Backup SMS Messages in Excel 97-2003 format.
  • Choose a scheduled time to automatically backup.
  • Option to backup only the messages sent to/from the person in your phone’s contacts list.
  • Delete SMS Messages in your phone.
  • Upload the backup files to Dropbox/Google Drive and download backup files from Dropbox/Google Drive.
  • Password protect your backup files.
  • Support 60000+ messages. Excel 97-2003 spreadsheet has a row limit of 65535.
  • If your phone has more than 65535 messages, the app can export them into multiple files.
  • View all messages or conversations in an Excel file.

SMSToExcel Pro v1.2.9 Apk

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