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FlashOnCall + v4.4 Paid Apk

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FlashOnCall + v4.4 Paid Apk

FlashOnCall + an application that will use the flash of your smartphone for different events alerts: SMS, incoming call, alarm clock, and any application. The app does not stand still and is constantly evolving.

Key features:

  • Flash for an incoming call and / or SMS
  • Adjust the timing between flashes, flash and duration of the notification of an incoming call
  • Adjust the number of flashes when receiving SMS
  • Ability to disable notifications when a weak battery
  • The use of different modes (normal, vibration, quiet)
  • Testing Flash 7. strobe mode 8. The rendering mode music
  • The rendering mode games
  • Opovescheniya for any third-party applications, such as: Viber, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, Mail, Foursquare, etc
  • Customizing each application. (Frequency, number, time, flash) 12.Opovescheniya on any Service.

FlashOnCall + v4.4 Paid Apk

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