MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 13 Apk

MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 13 Apk

MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 13 Apk amazing application for Android. This is an app that completely remove ads inside apps and provide following functions which is better than AdBlock.

Application features:

  • Totally remove the advertisement. You can notice that AdBlock and AdAway only stops showing the ad content, but it can not remove the empty field that was originally taken by the ad. MinMinGuard can totally remove the empty field
  • Lightweight. Alternative ad removing apps (AdBlock etc) constantly run a background VPN service, which puts a heavy loading on the system. Min Min Guard does not need to run a VPN service, so it saves system resources and, thus, extends the battery life.
  • Per App Setting. Min Min Guard lets you choose which apps you want to remove ads from. If you only want to remove ads from several apps, Min Min Guard is your best solution.

MinMinGuard v2.0 Alpha 13 Apk

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