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Ftp Server Pro TV v1.25 Apk

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Ftp Server Pro TV v1.25 Apk

Ftp Server Pro TV v1.25 Apk amazing application for Android users. Same as Ftp Server Pro but this app can be run in devices without a touch screen as a TV.

Application features:

  • Use any network interface in your device including: WIFI, Ethernet, Mobile network, USB…
  • Anonymous user (can be disabled)
  • One Ftp user (can be disabled).
  • Name and password can be changed.
  • Home directory can be root directory,  Read only mode.
  • Passive and active modes.
  • Show hidden files
  • Custom home folder.
  • Option to run server as a foreground service.
  • Energy save mode.
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, Romanian, French, Italian, Hungarian, German

Ftp Server Pro TV v1.25 Apk

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