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cSploit v1.6.5 Final Apk

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cSploit v1.6.5 Final Apk application for Android users.The Android OS must have a BusyBox full installation with every utility installed. If you do not have busy box already, you can get it here or here.

Key features:

  • Map your local network Fingerprint hosts operating systems and open ports
  • Add your own hosts outside the local network
  • Integrated trace route
  • Integrated Meta sploit framework RPCd Search hosts for known vulnerabilities via integrated
  • Meta sploit daemon Adjust exploit settings, launch, and create shell consoles on exploited systems
  • More coming Forge TCP/UDP packets
  • Perform man in the middle attacks including: Image, text, and video replacement
  • replace your own content on un-encrypted web pages JavaScript injection
  • add your own java script to un-encrypted web pages. password sniffing
  • Capture pcap network traffic files
  • Real time traffic manipulation to replace images/text/inject into web pages
  • DNS spoofing to redirect traffic to different domain

cSploit v1.6.5 Final Apk

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