Droid Circuit Calc Pro v3.3 Apk

Droid Circuit Calc Pro v3.3 Apk

Droid Circuit Calc Pro v3.3 Apk is an amazing application for Android users. The Pro version has four main sections. The electronic calculators, electronic components guide, useful electronic resources guide and many cool electronic circuits.

Key Features:-

  • Ohm Law Calculator
  • Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator
  • Parallel Resistors Calculator
  • LED Resistor Calculator
  • RC Filter calculator
  • LC Filter Calculator
  • Op Amp Active Filter Calculator
  • Resonance Calculator
  • Frequency and Wavelength Calculator
  • RF Calculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable, pi attenuator, t attenuator calculators)
  • 555 Timer astable and Monostable multivibrator calculator
  • Op amp inverting and non inverting amplifier calculator
  • Open air single layer inductance calculator
  • LM317 constant current calculator
  • LM317 voltage regulator calculator
  • Zener Diode series resistor calculator
  • PCB Trace Width Calculator
  • Battery Charge Time Calculator

Droid Circuit Calc Pro v3.3 Apk

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