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Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps v9.6.1327 Apk

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Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps v9.6.1327 Apk

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps v9.6.1327 Apk download for Android.Offline navigation. No Internet connection required for the use of the program and maps: No additional expenses on roaming or dependency on mobile connection.

Key features:

  • Traffic. Information on all traffic jams in the covered area, available in real time.
  • Friends/Cloud. Messaging with friends, tracking their location and routing towards them.
  • Program settings and way points are stored in the NAVITEL cloud storage.
  • Friends/Cloud service using your social network profile
  • Navitel Weather. Weather forecast information for the next three days anywhere in the world.
  • Dynamic POI. Fuel prices, movie showtimes and other useful information.
  • Events. Road accidents, road works, speed cams and other events marked on the map by users.
  • Message exchange with friends while navigating.
  • Speed Cam warnings. Information on radars, video recording cameras and speed bumps.
  • 3D Mapping. Three-dimensional maps with texture and number of floors support.
  • 3D Road interchanges. Displaying multilevel road interchanges in 3D mode.
  • Route calculations taking multi lane traffic into account and visual prompts.
  • Multi language support. Support of the interface and voice prompts in multiple languages.
  • Voice guidance while moving along the route, warnings on battery charge and connection to the satellites.
  • More than 100 different gauges: time, speed, weather and other parameters.

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps v9.6.1327 Apk

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