Notification History Pro v1.9.7 Apk


Notification History Pro v1.9.7 Apk

Notification History Pro v1.9.7 Apk is an amazing application for Android users. Record USSD, Flash SMS/Class 0 messages, dialog, toasts and notifications on status so that you can easily save various messages to history.

Key features:

  • Collect notifications on status bar and group by apps
  • Save/clear notifications
  • Launch app from notification
  • Uninstall apps sending annoying notifications directly
  • Ignore notification from specific apps
  • Desktop widget to show the latest notifications
  • Import notifications from free version
  • 12/24 hours time format
  • Save USSD messages and Flash SMS/class 0 message
  • Auto dismiss USSD and Flash SMS dialog
  • Vibration, sound, LED for USSD and Flash SMS messages
  • Detect and save all dialog
  • Support copy notification to clipboard.
  • Display installation source of apps
  • Support not recording toast option
  • Show recent notifications on status bar
  • Record app install/update/uninstall history

Notification History Pro v1.9.7 Apk

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